Joyce To

Performer // Collaborator // Improviser

Host @ Continuum Contemporary Music

Host of Press Play, Continuum’s online web series that features exclusive performances and intimate conversations with artists.

Nothing Else Left to Read

Realizing Live Performance Frameworks amid COVID-19 Digital Culture. 

Who is Joyce To.

Joyce To is an Australian percussionist, improviser, and new media/sound artist, who explores relationships between aesthetics and ecology through experimental art making. She considers the tensions between aesthetic representations of the natural world in digital media and the material consequences of art-making practices. She aims to create pathways of reflection on contemporary environmental and social discourse through artistic investigation, and interdisciplinary collaborations. Her performance career spans across the globe, having performed in Australia, Japan, America, and Canada. Joyce’s output includes presenting works at conferences and international festivals, premiering 50+ new works, and collaborating with improvisers, artists, composers, dancers, and writers.


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